best toto toilet brands and reviews

The industry continues to grow and grow, which is great news for the consumer who wants a good toilet. Unlike the boom in the automotive industry where SUVs begin to take control, the smaller is better when it comes to toilets. Manufacturers have concentrated on making the product smaller, but not sacrificing seating space or comfort.

It is a good marriage between the two that proved to be beneficial for the growth of the industry. Of the many brands on the list, Toto toilet stands out more, but that is not to discount what other brands have done. You should also bear in mind that the best toilet on the list is also from Toto, so take it away from what you want.

It is a great achievement that they made with the Neorest, and it is so great that many other companies like Saniflo have started to follow their example. However, the whole world is not ready for these updated toilet services, so the best update you probably see in your neighbor’s house goes from two pieces to one piece.

Tank less designs are still trying to find their place due to the customer’s curiosity, but fear should not be expected to last too long, since they are the future of toilets. There are some customers who get the greatness of tankless designs spread by word of mouth. The low maintenance also works well, and if you have half a bath, the extra space gained will be worth it.

toto toilet

TOTO MS604114CEFG # 01 Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece Toilet

The multiple colors of Ultra max 2 of high price are not the only thing that this product Toto has in its favor. The available colors are bone, colonial white, cotton, white cotton and beige Sedona. Unique in this model, and the only product on this list to offer it is the white cotton package 2. Consumers can buy the two packages and save a couple of dollars instead of buying them separately. This is ideal for customers who need multiple toilets and for customers who need a toilet in more than one home. This high efficiency model only uses 1.28 gallons per download, and still manages to be a powerful and silent operation. Take the confidence to know that every time you wash it you will not shake the walls.

Toto uses a universal height to make it perfect for users of all sizes, giving them the most comfortable seat you ever had in a toilet. The elongated bowl uses double cyclone discharge technology and combines it with Sana Gloss so that no matter how much waste is in the bowl, clean it thoroughly at all times. Sana Gloss technology is soft and one of the most beautiful finishes to look at while remaining ultra-functional. The weight of the toilet is 99 pounds with dimensions of 28.3 × 16.6 × 28.8. Enjoy the 1 year limited warranty and feel safe knowing that Toto is compatible with the Ultra max line very well. With his first product on the list, Toto shows that they are a force to be taken into account and that the Ultra max line is highly respected.

Best Toilet Brands and Reviews

Elongated Monobloc Toilet Champion-4 Right Height

The elongated champion of an ADA-approved room is the first mid-priced toilet on the list and offers a lot of great features to users. Mold, mildew and other odor and stain bacteria have limited growth due to the EverClean surface. Combining this with the lack of cracks and extra space in a one-piece toilet also means that you will spend less time cleaning it. The seat is not included, but there is an excellent alternative for an elongated room of this size. The materials that are used to make it shine include the vitreous China, which gives it a wonderful look that lasts for years.

Rinsing mechanisms have been subjected to stress tests and have been shown to operate at full capacity without breaking down, even with repeated use. One of the biggest features is the 10-year warranty that covers everything and is the longest available in the industry. The dimensions of the toilet are 32.1 × 30.5 × 20.9 and its weight is 119 pounds. Users will have no problem finding the 4 inch piston accelerator drain valve and will appreciate the build quality attached to it. Water consumption is a little high at 4.6 gallons per flush, but it tends to be made for a flush rather than for efficiency. Buyers who want a good mix of features with a powerful flush will be happy with a specific model. you can see


American Standard 2004.014.021 Champion-4 Extended monobloc toilet

In the average price range is this American Standard model which is available in white, linen and bone. The Champion 4 comes from a long line of toilet in this series and stands as the perfect elongated product that you want to buy. With a one-piece design and the right curves, there is not much to fear in terms of bacterial growth. An Ever Clean surface combines with the already excellent materials of the toilet and creates an easier surface to clean. Odors causing bacteria and stains will be less noticeable and much less powerful to create other problems. The meat and potatoes of the toilet, however, descend to the powerful flushing system 4 and the 4 inch piston throttle valve.

While the garbage is lowered, the bowl receives a complete cleaning that leaves nothing behind. A single hunt can get rid of the same waste that would cause problems of less powerful toilets. A seat is not included with this model, but there are some very attractive options when paired with this basic toilet. The mechanics and engineering of this product allow it to shave a mass 70% larger than the industry standard, making the piston almost useless. As much power that is used to send waste, this same amount of energy is used to push water back into the toilet. Of all the toilets on the list, it has the fastest and most powerful flush. With a width of 12 inches and dimensions of 32 × 29.9 × 21.1 inches, the additional weight of 117 pounds of this toilet makes it a real beast. The guarantee reaches its maximum at 10 years and is limited, so linked the longest on the list. Buyers who want power will be really happy with this purchase.

american standard

The best toilet brush

After spending more than 30 hours investigating the cleanliness of the toilet, comparing 41 models with brush and support, interviewing a researcher of national reputation in domestic germs, not to mention scrubbing three toilets a total of 48 times and comparing our test notes with love from home professionals, we are sure the $ 6 Lysol Bowl brush with Rim Extension and Caddy is the best toilet brush you can buy. Like a lot of good brushes for the toilet, you can clean the toilet well, but what sets it apart is its general design, especially the cart, which makes it easier to use, clean and keep free of germs.

best toilet brush

Lysol Bowl Brush

The brush is of a good length and has a solid grip, with bristles that are stiff enough to rub and flexible enough not to shake the water. A special set of longer bristles reaches well below the edge of the bowl to reach the deepest and most dirty parts of the bowl.

The detail that distinguishes the brush Lysol is mainly the support, or caddy; It is the simplest to clean of all we have tried. Among the competition, only this cart has a flat, seamless bowl, which can be easily disinfected and eliminated: no hidden cracks, no water accumulation cavities, and no risk of spilling germ-laden liquid lurking inside. This was also the only support able to lift the brush from the bottom of the caddy, allowing the bristles to dry completely, unlike other supports that allow the bristles to settle in the mud or hide in a dark carapace without flow air. The base is stable and wide enough so that it does not tip over, with a rubber ring on the bottom that grips slightly to the ground to prevent it from slipping when you remove the brush or place it in its notched support. And at $ 6 for a completely new set (or just $ 3 for each new brush head), the Lysol brush is cheap enough to easily change every year.

Clorox Bright Blue Flexible Toilet Brush

If you have a small bathroom, you may want a unique toilet  brush that takes up less space. In that case, a Flexible Clorox Toilet Brush (just over $ 9 with holder, around $ 6 without) offers an appeal similar to Lysol, almost as cheap to replace, a holder that is almost as easy to clean, and a base that measures only 3½ inches. diameter, compared to the Lysol bottom of 7 by 5½ inches.

Of course, that has one drawback: this base is more likely to be overturned than the Lysol model. The support conceals the brush a little better than the Lysol, but that also means that its bristles can not be dried so easily, so it is more prone to accumulate liquids and germs. The brush itself has a neck that bends to reach under the edge of the toilet and deep into the bowl. It does the work, but there’s one more catch: it’s hard to find anywhere outside of Target’s website or stores.

Best Toilet bowl Cleaner Reviews

Lysol Power & Fresh Toilet Toilet Cleaner

The Lysol Power & Fresh toilet cleaner is among the best cleaners due to its effectiveness and the fresh smell of the ocean. In other words, It is also available in fresh cascading water fragrances and spring flowers to choose from. In addition to cleaning and deodorizing the toilet bowl cleaner it also disinfects them with its powerful and thick formula. It is a powerful toilet cleaner, since it can clean even the most difficult stains in the toilet bowl in a few seconds.

Cover the bowl below and above the waterline to give it a totally bright toilet. You can reach hard to reach points in the toilet bowl with the help of an angled spout in your bottle. It almost completely disinfects the toilet bowl above and below the water line, killing almost 99.9% of its bacteria.

toilet bowl cleaner

It is available in the four-piece package containing a 24 oz. Cleaner in each bottle. It is also safe for septic tanks and plumbing.

Cleaner for toilet Lime-A-Way Cleaner

Lime-A-Way toilet flushing fluid is adept at removing tough soils of hard water, lime, rust and calcium above and below the waterline. The thick formula of this toilet cleaner is specially designed for toilets in areas with hard water.

The layer of this cleaner covers the entire toilet to remove stains of hard water, rust, calcium and lime, even in hard-to-reach places. It is available in a pack of 12 convenient pressure bottles and convenient bottles with 24 oz. Of cleaning fluid in each bottle.

It is one of the best toilet cleansers suitable for residents of the USA. UU Since almost 85% of the water is hard and forms rings and crusty spots in the toilets along with the bathroom. Along with the toilet bowl can also remove rust and lime stains from accessories, faucets and corners, as it is specially formulated to fight against stains and accumulations caused by hard water. Therefore, it is a 100% effective toilet cleaner, since it is designed to combat stains caused by hard water and rust, etc.

The best portable toilets reviews

The market for portable toilets has been booming for a while, with such variety and competition that there is no clear winner of all the brands. But the biggest winner is the customer, since you can choose from a series of top rated portable toilet on this list. Make a selection below and see what this side of the industry is all about.

portable toilet

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E – Portable curved toilet

Starting with the first item on the list, it may be the best, since it is not only economical, but is well designed to fit in any space. There is an optional restraint kit, an important feature that is not always included with portable toilets. The handle of the water tank has been improved from the previous design to make it easier to transport and not cut in your hands. As a beneficial improvement, customers can take it long distances without it being a problem like the previous model.

Both freshwater tanks and waste tanks have clear indicators that let you know when it is time to empty or update them. The discharge controls work with batteries, and surprisingly strong compared to the other models on the list. As for appearance, this is as elegant and modern as you can get and it looks like a large coffee machine instead of a real toilet. The looks are not just to show, and consumers can expect to sit in a comfortable seat that is the correct height for any size. As an added benefit, there is a built-in toilet paper holder so you can place disposable toilet paper. Even though this is the first item on the list, it is clearly one of the best by far.

Cleanwaste GO anywhere Complete Toilet System

At the half price point is the entire Cleanwaste Go anywhere toilet system, which aims to provide the best system available to those who want more than just a toilet. Included in the set is the toilet, the backpack to carry everything, the garbage bags and the privacy shelter. The two key components here are the backpack and the privacy shelter, something that separates it from many other products on the list.

Assembly is not required to configure the system, so it is as simple as simply buying a portable toilet by itself. Since it has a privacy refuge, it is perfect for camping or even for other outings when necessary. Durability is not a concern as it is used by the US Marines. UU Every day for when they have to go. This set will last you a long time and will not fail depending on the age if you treat it well. When it is packaged with the backpack, everything only weighs 18 pounds in total. It is a supremely light product that is also the most portable of all on the list. Instead of buying a privacy shelter for your portable toilet, why not buy everything in one? Consumers interested in the perfect camping toilet should not look beyond this fabulous setting.


Top Low-Flush toilet for water saving

Looking for a simple way to reduce your water bill while helping the environment? A good low flow toilet is an essential accessory for frugal and environmentally conscious homeowners. If you have used some of the older models, which had low rinse performance and clogging problems, you may hesitate to buy one for your home. But rest assured that the latest models have improved a lot.

Probably the most frustrating aspect of the first models was the fact that they often required users to download multiple times: they used more water and nullified the water saving benefits.

Fortunately, the best modern low-flow options were modified to address this problem. Using mechanisms based on gravity or pressure, a good low-flow toilet must effectively empty the bowl contents of a single color. That is why it is important to choose the correct model. Buying one that is poorly designed will only leave you frustrated and will do little to reduce your environmental footprint or your water bill.

To help you choose the most suitable for your home, we analyze some of the most popular options on the market today, comparing the performance of washing with water with the amount of water used by each model. We also analyze the long-term reliability for each model, as well as the price and ease of cleaning and maintenance, important factors in any purchase.

low flow toilet

Buying guide guide

All the models listed here will help you reduce your environmental footprint and save valuable dollars from your water bill. The best bathroom for you will depend on your individual needs and desires.

If you are looking for a double flush toilet that can save water without sacrificing any comfort, you should consider the American Standard H2Option. This highly revised and popular toilet combines performance, style and water conservation. It is a good option for people who like to conserve water when they are doing a # 1, but want to avoid obstructions when # 2 is the name of the game.

Looking for a toilet that uses even less water? The Toto Drake II 1G, according to its owners, cleans the bowl with ease, using only one gallon at a time. The SanaGloss coating helps keep this toilet clean, which means less work for you. It is our mid-range option for people who want to save a decent amount of water without having to put up with the Niagara.

The Sigil of Niagara is the lowest of the low flow toilet on this list, and therefore the best option if water conservation is paramount to you. The low volume of water in this toilet does not hinder its rinse performance, according to the comments of many happy owners.

The best reviews of Kohler Toilets

The family that owns Kohler is considered a celebrity in Wisconsin, and the entire family has held important positions inside and outside the company for almost 150 years. In relation to the toilets, a new and bold line has been introduced in recent years that seeks to challenge Toto for the dominance of the market. Currently, it seems that the biggest competitor in the US market is Kohler, but only if their non-hygienic products are taken into account.

kholer toilet one

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort elongated height 1.28 GPF toilet

From the list is Santa Rosa, a medium price of this wonderful kohler toilet aimed at users more interested in comfort than in power and features. On the design front, buyers can choose between white, almond, cookie, black black, dune, ice gray and sandbar colors. Kohler is known for his extensive design work with his toilets and this is no exception. The one-piece, easy-to-clean design is also a height-of-comfort product, which means that it has seats in the chair’s height so users of all ages and sizes can use them.

Although it is an elongated toilet, it occupies the same space as a round bowl, so buyers get the benefit of a larger toilet but without using any additional space. The reduction of water while washing at 1.28 gallons per flush does not mean that the cleaning of the cup suffers, and Kohler solved that annoyance by using an AquaPiston boat so that water flows on all sides. It is as effective as a powerful discharge, and without the additional use of water. Leak-free performance is guaranteed by the design of the container that has more coverage area than standard toilets. The big reason for owning this toilet is obviously going to be how good it is for all users, so expect this to be a good buy for almost everyone.